Rijksmuseum webshop

A replica of Vermeers Milkmaid, beautiful Rembrandt juwelery, dresses inspired by famous still life paintings. You can buy the most beautiful presents in the Rijksmuseum shop. Just like the online store brings the collection closer to the audience. Images play an important role here. The carefully styled still lifes made of products are the windows of this shop. They refer to famous master pieces that are a key part of the visual representation of the Rijksmuseum. Curators talk about the origin or creation of a product. This makes the presents even more special and it enables you to tell the story behind the present. To create a consistent brand experience, the online store was designed by the same principles as large images, simplicity and a mobile first approach. Visitors can easily browse through the products by artist, style or exhibition.

Role: Visual design & art direction. Agency: Fabrique. Together with: Juriaan Hoogervorst (Strategy), Jesse Timmermans (interaction design).