Paard visual identity

Visual identity

Paard visual identity

Role: visual design.
Agency: Fabrique.
Art direction: Andre Bouwman
Animations: Rens Wegerif
Website: Eagerly


Paard van Troje, or Trojan Horse, is a legendary music venue in The Hague. Since 1972 Paard has evolved from a 'social joint' with its own in-house weed dealer to a professional and versatile performance stage with a broad array of music programming. We designed a style that radiates power and authority. We shortened the old name ‘Paard van Troje’ to ‘Paard’; how locals have always referred to it. Using a magazine-like style we literally put the artist in the context of Paard, not the other way around. This setup allows plenty of room for personal interpretation, but thanks to the powerful wording and consistent placement of the image and logo, Paard stays recognisable.

3 - Paard poster.jpg