Blue Mountain Center of Meditation website


Blue mountain center of meditation website

Role: visual design.
Agency: Fabrique.
Art direction: Matthe Stet
Illustrations: Endre Penovác
Interaction design: Emko Bos


The Blue Mountain Center of Meditation in California was founded in 1961 by Easwaran. Influenced by his friend Mahatma Gandhi, Easwaran developed Passage Meditation. After his death in 1999, a team of staff and volunteers keeps Easwaran’s legacy alive. The new website makes the ideas of Easwaran accessible for a wide audience. A 10-minute workshop introduces you to passage meditation and allows you to do a test. The stories and teachings of Eknath Easwaran play the most important role on the website and they are accessible though an online reader. The inspiring images of Endre Penovác challenge fantasy. But above all, the watercolors work as a metaphor: everything flows from thought. Inspiring, sophisticated, but still down to earth. The beautiful illustrated website introduces you to the ideas of Eknath Easwaran in a stylish way.

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